Leili Co., was founded at the beginning of 2014 with cultural goals such as publishing a Shokufe agricultural. magazine (Sakura-blossom) and Eslahat agricultural training courses, especially pesticides and spraying system Agricultural industries include a wide range of specializations and techniques, including agricultural soil reform, irrigation practices, agricultural mechanization, plant breeding, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Industrial agriculture increases productivity and output, but we keep in mind that this increase is achieved at the expense of environmental damage. Agricultural reform has come to the fore when dear Iran is involved with dehydration, and agriculture shares more than 80 percent of drinking water. Khuzestan lands and most parts of the country are dry and salty and alkaline, the coefficient of mechanization is less than one and the efficiency of agricultural conversion is low. Iran’s agriculture needs new ideas.


Address: Unit 7- No. 10-Saeed Alley ,Shahid Kabiri Tameh St. (Northern Shahin), Tehran

Post code: 1475876178

  info@leili.co / reza@leili.co

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شناسنامه نشریه


صاحب امتیاز،مدیر مسئول و سردبیر:

مهندس رضا فرشاد

مدیر فنی و آی تی : مهندس شیدا مرادی فرد

صفحه آرا : حامد یعقوبی

چاپ : کامیاب

نشانی مجله : تهران، خیابان شهید کبیری طامه (شاهین شمالی) کوچه سعید، بن بست کورش، پلاک 10 ، واحد 7 – کدپستی : 1475876178

تلفن : 09122450796

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